frequently asked questions

we're based in Ontario, Canada.

for a list of countries please visit our shipping & delivery page.

our goal at osume is to move strictly to an in-stock purchasing model in the future. we believe in keyboards and keyboard accessories being accessible to everyone. your support helps us move towards that, one step at a time.

for pre-orders please contact us during the pre-order period to cancel. we will not be able cancel orders after the pre-order period.

if you think osume would benefit from your suggestion, we are always open to them via our discord.

while it would be great for us to be compatible with every set, we have to consider the potential problems in costs & complexity. if there is enough demand though, we will definitely consider implementing it.

we pride ourselves in maintaining a high quality of standards for our keycaps. because our keycaps are dye subbed PBT, we do have some quality standards we adhere to here.

we post updates frequently via our discord or instagram on the status of your orders. make sure to connect with us there!

join our discord or follow us on instagram as we frequently post updates on when products plan to restock or open up again for preorder.

some items on our website go through a pre-order phase in which we open up products for sale months in advance, please look out for these indications in the product description. these items are only refundable during the pre-order period.

to gauge the community's interest we run interest checks and collect feedback on upcoming designs. this way, we know the products we release for preorder/purchase are up to everyone's expectations!

e-mail us at with your order number, and new address (in complete format) and we will help you modify your details. please note that address changes should be done 3 weeks before estimated ship dates to avoid any potential issues.

e-mail us at with your order number and include details on how you would like your order modified. in some cases, we may need to fully refund your order as we are not always able to make the modifications to them.

we'd love to see your stuff! e-mail us at with your socials and we'll shoot you a message should we decide your content fits our brand!

for any other questions, please e-mail us at!

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