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acceptable keycap quality standards

keycap quality standards

keycap manufacturing is a labour intensive process which includes picking, processing and aligning and can create slight variations and tolerances between each keycap. there are a number of guidelines and quality control procedures in place to limit the number of keycaps that do not meet our quality standards. However, there are certain quality expectations that are considered acceptable and can only be seen upon closer inspection.

legend alignment

there will be some alignment tolerances between keycaps. the dye sublimation alignment process is done by hand, which inevitably results in slight positional variations.

colour fading

some fade can be seen at the bottom of reverse dye sublimated keycaps. this is a normal and acceptable part of reverse dye sublimation limitations.

marks & scratches

some marks and scratches may be present on keycaps due to manufacturing and handling. very faint imperfections are considered acceptable.

slight warping

spacebar warpage is more noticeable than other keycaps as they are bigger pieces that are manufactured at very high temperatures. we have guidelines in place to limit the number of extreme cases of warpage.

colour discrepancies

there will be differences in colors seen in renders and in real life. this is due to various factors, including monitor differences, render lighting, and colour matching processes. multiple rounds of colour matching are done and then approved by the designer to ensure the product is as representative of the renders as possible.

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